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tv   Headline News  RT  June 1, 2013 8:00pm-8:29pm EDT

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tens of thousands of enraged turks fill the streets of istanbul demanding the government immediately resign the crowds it further angered by no holds barred police crackdown. the mood turns ugly in frankfurt as the euro zone's financial capital becomes a battlefield between furious protesters and baton wielding officers firing tear gas and pepper spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd. and an american and a british citizen are killed in the syrian war fighting alongside the opposition amid fears that the pro rebel rhetoric is pushing westerners to the international front lines.
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broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our i'm sean thomas going to have you with us now we begin a new stumble where protests continue into the night the demonstrators have taken over istanbul's central taksim square where they started fires demanding the government's removal earlier some activists reportedly tried to break through police blockades aiming to storm the prime minister's office the violence was sparked after a local rally. was brutally dispersed by police there let's take a closer look at the scene that we have witnessed in the last two days we saw a swelling of police presence in the city on saturday with riot police numbers seemingly matching those of protesters water cannons have been used to disperse the demonstration the amount of tear gas used against crowds has reportedly seen around a thousand people seek medical help pepper spray and rubber bullets were also used to clear the. streets of angry campaigners over fifty people have been wounded and
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more than nine hundred have been arrested across the country because you know i've been following the unrest. most of the roads have been blocked off to have to walk quite some way to my hotel and i've seen people who have also been arriving from the airport along with me would pick up their suitcases and somebody who would be meeting them would give them their masks so they could continue on their way to the hotel but would have to suffer basically you can love this tear gas on the syria where and it gives you this sort of out of history feeling in your throat this is all the result of the protests that have been going on in istanbul people started off with the sit ins and to taksim square where the government planned to raise down a park this siege and was dispersed by police who used tear gas after they did at least several dozen people that were there in the first place were replaced with hundreds upon hundreds of thousands people in the same place in the square who were
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protesting but this time they were not protesting just the governor's decision to get rid of the park they were protesting the government all together people that i have spoken to say the park is just something that set off a major event the park was just an excuse for them to finally pour out on the streets of istanbul and let their opinions be heard i see absolutely no determination these people to leave in fact it seems that most of them are keep coming in and in who knows how this will progress because there has already been a dispersal of the protest using water cannons and again tear gas in fact the prime minister has already said that perhaps there was too much force excessive force being used to get rid of the protesters but even that excessive force obviously doesn't seem like it has done enough to make people leave a place that they have chosen to what some already calling the turkish spring a sort of a sister or continuation of the arab spring revolutions to topple shaken the middle east. this is
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a message he talked to us the government's television channel and this is what people have been doing to majority of the t.v. trucks around here there they spray painting it with the city saying that this is a sold government they're bashing in the glass basically they're destroying the government property because to them it basically represents everything that the government media is about it's just that they're saying it's just to pay out our way for the government to make it sound like nothing is really happening in the country we have to understand that we are in turkey and turkey even though it's vying for a spot in the european union actually has the highest number of journalist imprisoned in the entire world and it's interesting to note that this is another canister come here and actually it actually says that it is illegal in the united states non-lethal technology it's good to know homer city pennsylvania made in the usa local reporter mark here then all of a believes the young resta would not have gained such traction if the police had not weighed in so hard. it was very cool they were hanging there full of rebase and
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the police use the pepper sprays and you not usually and then just the everyday just got bigger and bigger you know tens of thousands of people joined the protest where it's amazing to see how very small focused the move into a nationwide. clashes and demonstrations so it's that the government thought that these are the more you groups are trying to. trying to block. the construction but it turned out that that's something that wasn't the case the police continue to use excessive force and your demands you know of going beyond the pork. and turkey's prime minister. has knowledge to excessive force against protesters at taksim square and has ordered an investigation into the misuse of tear gas by the police international relations professor mark allman from on cars that bill clinton
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university says prime minister air to one might see a repeat of what happened to leaders ousted by the arab spring. massive police action has back and this is a very dramatic moment for the prime minister has to and has had for the first time to step back he was extremely aggressive in his initial statements that he wouldn't tolerate protest and now the man who was the first world leader to call president mubarak to resign is now talking well that you really like mubarak did shortly before his own fall he's now saying he's going to investigate the police he's got the people he wants to carry on the project so he's managing to in a sense muddy the water but i don't think we need to calm the situation because if he insists on carrying on with this protest which is very unpopular to the protest going to be supposed that relations disaster with huge economic implications. at archie dot com get updates on the unrest in turkey including live pictures and photos of the clashes and tell us how you think this is all going to pan out we've
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been kind of taking a look at how you've been voting through the night it's been changing a little bit let's take a look right now right now the biggest number of people thirty five percent say that this will develop a dual full fledged turkish spring next group down thirty three percent and pink say that this will incite a harsh crackdown now one thousand percent in yellow say that this will force major changes in the country but a small group of youth thirteen percent say that this will all die out by the weekend and it will not really amount to much change you can add your voice to our to dot com and have your say. brutal scuffles between riot police and enraged protesters have spilled over into a second day of anti austerity protests in the euro zone's financial capital frankfurt is home to the european central bank an institution that is increasingly drawn the discontent of protesters are all over reports. what had been
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a peaceful protest is turned into a series of ongoing scuffles between riot police and demonstrators here in frankfurt as part of the twenty third same plucky pie then. we see paying throw in the police here we're seeing the police return with pepper spray as protesters try and break through police lines now only started after during a march that was supposed to go to the center of front foot police and demanded that demonstrators remove a mosque that they were wearing and they refused apparently paint was throwing around several hundred riot police moved in and forcibly moved to split the demonstration into into several groups basically shutting down most of downtown central front put in front of the european central bank headquarters that bank headquarters looks more like an army barracks and then i felt a banking headquarters it doesn't show any sign of letting off but it's just it's
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every now and again we're seeing sporadic outbreaks of pushing shoving occasionally paint being so and we're going to i says of the event we were right at the front of the march told me that they believe that the. that this was planned all along by the police that the large police presence that was out here on saturday was designed to have this particular corner to disrupt the demonstration yeah i know in the form. of the police might try and disrupt the demonstration at the school and they were here in large numbers before this is a breach of the doings of the stick to see. it try and put across the one story about. one. crisis. one of the fight for the people of europe. after all europe and nothing ever on the back. on flights it is with the democrats democracy is being curtailed and we're protesting against that but we're especially focusing on the suffering of the people in lisbon athens madrid in berlin on. and
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we want to bring victims into the spotlight as well as the main sources of this crisis and the main souless of banks big companies and corporations and loose financial controls but not the people. organizers say some twenty thousand protesters had attended the march while police think it's about seven thousand earlier my colleague kevin owen spoke to antinous ravi's of the occupy london movement who believes that the frankfurt protest is a milestone in of itself but. it would surprise you to marry the guy because he does sort of a little bit of both and it does sort of a little open borders right even in countries where we think are doing very well and eviscerate i mean also a growing number of. people would you consider it good to consider goes beyond. the crisis to become more and more centralized an affair if they're going to oversleep or move for years in prison a single figure like kind of figure that can go through that ritual i mean over the
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last couple years i've talked at length to so many of our guests about the demise of the euro but end of the day the euro is still there and so the truck just is against it i think about to do a lot of the fact that frankfurt happened at the same time when more traditional should just be put aside to greece perhaps or even egypt two years ago you know strings are different shows it looks letter and it affected by this. mass rallies also took place in spain and portugal on saturday both nations are among the worst hit by the economic crisis and austerity thousands marched in madrid demanding an end to hard hitting cuts and in portugal fifteen thousand protesters surrounded the international monetary fund's a local office chanting i.m.f. out salomé pinto was there for us. the focus of people thank you are here day to day salinity funds do european commission and do you pinsent all banks they add the big boom they want stock and she's like
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a practical reason ireland's when many hundreds i live. a manslaughter are. not this one of the protesters and also one of the members of this group and to try to get my god why you are here protesting. we are here protesting like we are in all the cities in europe we are protesting against the policies of austerity the policies of troika the policies that are destroying people's lives of europe and we are here in lisbon in front of the i.m.f. where the laws are made on the back of the people in lots of on a democratic way we want the voice to come back toward to move to the people fifteen years didn't use ration will have any result of course all demonstrations have results right now unfortunately we have massive demonstrations that would stop someone there to organise and it is an issue where i want to say go away go away
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right. away european central bank going austerity over want people to get back on the democratic regime these people are demanding the resignation of the portuguese government and also the austerity which has already nearly to forced more than a million portuguese people out of a job because additional card table ready and foresee did the governments do rethink some of the main or or some of these more extreme plans that even the budget to revise its budget will mean markets to spending on health services enough for our departure these main workers union to play an ad general strike for june. twenty seven it's. all right well my printer reporting for us there but it's not just the public that is angry even the bureaucratic so it seems have had enough
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coming up report on brussels taking britain to court over substandard welfare for foreigners with the u.k. once again telling people it is overstepping its boundaries so. detainees on hunger strike have made another heartfelt plea issuing a letter calling for independent doctors to be allowed into the prison to put an end to what they condemn as abusive painful and inhumane treatment they have to say coming up in just a few minutes time. children from want to have a special thanks. to. the child shouldn't leave in the north finish for a long child should be raised in a family during these years no legal eleven children have been returned to.
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the ninety eight percent of the children from zero or more from which. the child has brought us so much happiness. in my from moscow this is our t. glad to have you back with us protests in support of bradley manning are gaining
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momentum worldwide just two days before the trial over the accused whistleblower is set to open thousands have staged a demonstration at the gates of an army camp in fort meade where the court martial is to be held artes and her blake is there for us. we're at fort meade maryland in baltimore where on monday the court martial against by the first class bradley manning will finally begin private manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer is accused of the biggest leak in the history of the united states according to army prosecutors manning is responsible for the lion's share of material that's been shared by the anti-secrecy wiki leaks in the last few years u.s. state department cables watanabe detainee assessment files iraqi and afghan war logs have all been attributed to private manning and for leaking this material the u.s. government is charging him with aiding the enemy and he could spend the rest of his life in prison on monday however the courtroom here in fort meade in the back with supporters and prosecutors attorneys on both sides waiting for the court martial of
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finally get three years after manning was first brought into custody it was late being twenty ten with manning was picked up in baghdad transferred to kuwait brought back to united states and spent three years of waiting waiting for this court martial to finally begin the sense december two thousand and eleven they've been having pretrial hearings here at fort meade and there's been really them all over the world in support of the soldier according demonstrators this is the largest bradley manning really that has ever happened in the three plus years sense he's been but if the u.s. military custody people from all over the country gathered here today to really in support of the soldier but there's also demonstrations planned in more than two dozen cities and for compton and some across the world in the next coming days seoul south korea pearl in germany toronto ontario cities throughout the united states and across north america and the rest of the globe are all holding events this week in support of private manning now his court martial will actually begin on monday more than three years more than one thousand days after it was first
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brought into custody and by the end of the summer his supporters his family his friends are all finally going to know how he's going to spend the rest of his life human rights activist greg murry believes manning's alleged crimes are nowhere near those committed by american soldiers in iraq. every time that demanding is discussed you get people from me american government people on the conservative side of the arguments say well he put individual lives at risk and those people of course have to do what all of the mainstream media at their service if they had been any evidence at all that any person any individual had been killed or harmed as a result of these disclosures we can be one hundred percent certain but the politicians and the mainstream media have been telling us about it all the time but in fact nobody has been able to point to a single instance of anybody being harmed as a result of these disclosures nothing badly manning has done in any way approaches the level of criminality or for example the american soldiers who were
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deliberately shooting up and killing journalists in iraq and the fact that is that the man who's on trial or not but i think that it's because he's been held in conditions which have been extremely difficult you know long periods of solitary confinement they look to lawyers and others times is being kept naked in this small cells so clearly you know what he's suffered already has as being. a just before we even come to trial. for me this is sars with surgery. and. human rights activists have reported that at least three foreigners including a british man and an american woman have been killed fighting alongside rebels in the syrian war they were shot dead during an ambush near the turkish border i made
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it clear signs that both were taking part in military action the woman is thought to be a thirty three year old single mother from michigan more details from marty's. the american woman that killed fighting alongside opposition forces in syria has been identified as thirty three year old nicole lynn mansfield her driver license photo in which she's pictured wearing a headscarf was broadcast by a syrian television station mansfield reportedly converted to islam after falling in love and marrying an arab immigrant according to her family mansfield of forced that man three years ago now the u.s. is reportedly working in via the czech republic mission in syria to obtain more information about mansfield but this is not the first case of an american fighting in syria earlier this year erik her room a former u.s. soldier made headlines when he posted videos of himself online in which he appeared
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to be fighting with rebel groups holding weapons and driving with fighters through contested parts of syria. your days are numbered you're going down in flames you should just quit now while you can and leave. you're going to die no matter what where you go we will find you and kill you supporting from new york we're in a point night party. well we've got more news for you just a quick away cluing the f.b.i. might have gone too far in its war on terror and is being sued an american muslim of sudanese origin says the f.b.i. has tortured him for months for refusing to serve as an informant more details on a website. plus astronomers around the world have been mesmerized by a magnificent cyc as a giant asteroid a large enough to destroy the city's flies in near earth and dot com for the full story. a group of hunger strikers at guantanamo bay prison have written
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an open appeal for an end to force feeding procedures calling for independent doctors to assess the best treatment for them thirty six inmates are now being force fed out of one hundred three detainees some have been starving themselves for almost four months now so let's take a look about what the inmates say about the procedure the u.n. labels as torture in their own words the prisoners say that they don't wish to die but are prepared to run the risk after more than a decade of inhumane and degrading treatment the detainees say that when they try to refuse the treatments it is forced upon them sometimes even violently they say the procedure is extremely painful and done in abusive conditions the letter also accuses medics of performing a treatment experiment on an unprecedented scale and richardson an attorney for a guantanamo detainee described to our t.v. what her client is being subjected to. if you do knees are attempting to have
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treatment be restored to them as human beings and rather than being punished and treated like animals i have had my client tell me many times they treat animals better than they are treating the detainees my client has been kept in solitary confinement many of his items were taken away from him including attorney client mail he was not allowed to have a tooth brush toothpaste or so in his cell for many many weeks i don't know yet you going to peace gotten them to this day. they have made the conditions a dime's very reason cold for them in the cells they are acquiring that they submit to very humiliating searches of their genital area in order to meet with their attorneys or talk with them on the telephone. it is just humiliating it's been difficult for them to sleep at night they are sometimes taken for their showers in the middle of the night so they have to decide between sleep and getting a little bit of clement us it's just and very few that brussels is taking the u.k.
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to court for refusing to provide european citizens with the same benefits it bestows on britons but westminster is vowing to fight every step of the way to protect its own loss and his ties are still years following the story. the european commission is once again looking more closely at the affairs of its member states now one that's making particular noise especially among the citizens of that country is the commission's decision to launch a case against the u.k. if the european court of justice because the commission says that the u.k. has the discriminatory against nationals of other e.u. countries in receiving welfare now there's already been reaction from the u.k. particularly angry ones from the government i want to from the work and pensions secretary who says that he will all cave in he says a brussels is once again launching a land grab and over reaching its areas of responsibilities and meddling into the affairs of national governments now we have spoken to a legal expert to explain to us why the commission has done what it has this is a case where the commission. for feeling that we. know that
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he wants to have a referendum in two thousand and seventeen you want to renegotiate the treaty. i mean but the. respect to this latest move by brussels has once again brought to the forefront issues like sovereignty of member states immigration or the pressure put on social welfare systems the very issues that really have led to would increase and support for euro skeptic parties and countries like the u.k. the commission is looking also at another country and it says that it has received complaints of the e.u. insurance health card which is supposed to entitle citizens to free health care in public hospitals while they're traveling to other countries within the block and it has been refused by some spanish hospitals so one the one hand you have the commission maintaining that it's simply implementing the rules on the other you have accusations that brussels is once again dipping into the affairs of national governments and in the context of a great economic crisis and very public displays of social dissatisfaction this is
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yet another stress test for the e.u. as a tries to move forward reporting from brussels i'm tester cilia. on to some other international news in brief for you this hour three nato troops and a civilian have been killed in separate attacks in afghanistan one soldier was killed by a homemade bomb in the southern city of kandahar in the east of the country and a shooting and a bomb blast killed two nato troops and a civilian working for the international military coalition at least sixty eight nato service members have been killed in afghanistan since the beginning of two thousand and twelve. five al qaeda members working in baghdad to make sarin and of mustard gas have been arrested iraq's defense ministry says the extremists planned attacks on western targets and in iraq using remote controlled drones sarin is also suspected of being used by syria's rebels according to the u.n. it. well coming up after the break our team meets a woman on
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a mission to find families for better children. distractions one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one space issue of the moment and ignore the rest geale those are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused and cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops and you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful
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fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where out putting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only win that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. i don't know why now is
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